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Odometer and Fuel Information

Drivers can update fuel information for internal or external fuel events. Information tracked includes gallons, total cost, method of payment, and even location to support state fuel reporting requirements.

Direct Issue Reporting

Report issues with vehicles directly to the dashboard via the web or mobile applications. For example, a driver could report a safety issue, "Truck 6: Windshield wipers not working properly."

Accident Reporting

Drivers can report accidents directly from the mobile app. The app ensures all the proper information is collected and allows for photo collection and even voice recorded accident descriptions.


Vehicle Records

Manage permits, licensing, registration, and other expiration based needs. Customize thresholds to remind you of PMs or other service requirements.

Work Orders

Assign multiple service types to each work order. Record technician, parts required, costs, labor, and total downtime.

Driver Qualification Files

Store all necessary documents and receive reminders when items are up for renewal. Save time using forms pre-populated with driver information.

The sureFleet product works great! We have trucks that are all around the country at any given time and it simplifies keeping track of maintenance, mileage, fuel, etc. The trip inspections are a life saver. We recently went through a DOT audit and the troopers were amazed at the level of detail in the pre-trip section. The technical support and product knowledge from those involved is second to none. Thanks for a great product at a great price.
— M. Bartlett, Jacksonville, FL
How sureFleet Works

How sureFleet Works

By streamlining the management of fleet maintenance with sureFleet, companies save money, avoid downtime, and increase productivity. sureFleet is designed to help business operations with better management, tracking, and reporting on fleet preventive maintenance needs, repair costs, fuel purchases and much more.

How sureFleet Helps You

How sureFleet Helps You

  • Control and manage preventative maintenance.
  • Create customized pre- and post-trip inspections.
  • Monitor mileage, fuel purchases, and MPG.
  • Manage permits, licensing, registrations, etc.
  • Instant notification of safety issues via free mobile apps.
  • Manage compliance with inspection and certifications.
  • Track accidents, associated drivers, vehicles, photos, etc.
  • Report on virtually any aspect of your fleet.

Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections

Reduce your liablility by having your drivers complete pre and post-trip inspections. Customize up to 40 unique questions or use the sureFleet default inspection. Drivers can attach photos to the inspection and leave detailed notes. QR code verification of trip inspection completion also available.

Free Mobile Apps

Drivers can update odometer readings and fuel purchase information, complete trip inspections, view previous inspection reports, report vehicle issues, record tire data and report accidents. A manager's mobile app is coming soon.

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