Take a moment to discover the features that sureFleet offers to streamline the management of your fleet, save you money, avoid downtime and increase productivity. sureFleet provides improved management, tracking, and reporting on fleet preventive maintenance, repair costs, fuel purchases and much more.


How It Works

Mobile App


Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard screen gives you a visual overview of due maintenance, reported issues, driver location, completed trip inspections, fuel events, vehicle status, and MPG.

Preventive Maintenance Alerts

Set up preventive maintenance alerts that are important to you. Track alerts by miles, engine hours,PTO hours, days, gallons of fuel, kilometers, or litres. Predictive maintenance reports keep your maintenance needs on track and on schedule.

Customized User Types and Permissions

Create customized User Roles so that you have complete control over who has access to what inside of the system.


Track and assign equipment that is used in your fleet.


Record all important information about the vehicles in your fleet for easy access later.

Unlimited Work Orders

Assign multiple service types to each work order. Record technician, parts required, total cost, and total down time.


Reports include vehicle acquisition and disposal information, maintenance cost details, MPG, cost per mile per vehicle, predictive maintenance calendar, and others.

Daily Snapshot Report

You can stay up to date on many aspects of your fleet by opting in to receive the Daily Snapshot Report. This report will be emailed to you once a day and will give you a quick overview of fuel purchases, mileage updates, completed trip inspections, reported issues, and work orders from the previous day.

GPS Integration

sureFleet currently integrates seamlessly with BudgetGPS, Geotab and TomTom. View a list of our partners.

GPS Reports

GPS reports include Movement Details, Movement Summary, Stop Events, and Speeding Events. Users can set max speed thresholds by individual vehicles.

Mobile App

From the mobile app, drivers can not only record trip inspections, but also update odometer readings, engine hours and PTO hours. Fuel purchases can be recorded for both internal and external locations with geolocation capture. Accidents can be reported with photo uploads and voice recording options.Drivers can also create work orders, see past inspections, submit vehicle expenses, and more!

Trip Inspections

Manage all of your DVIR needs electronically and make sure required inspections are not missed. Customize up to 50 questions for trip inspections. Create multiple question sets for different vehicle types or needs.

Direct Issue Reporting

Report issues with vehicles directly to the dashboard via the web or mobile applications.

Fleets and Sub-Fleets

Track various fleets inside of one sureFleet account. Separate fleets and sub-fleets in anyway that fits your business- location, industry, segment, etc.

Closed-Loop Process

Reduce your liability and ensure vehicle repairs are not delayed or missed. Issues reported by a driver or maintenance personnel create a reported issue. Once addressed, the person who reported the issue and the vehicle's next driver will be notified what action was taken. Eliminate the bottleneck of paperwork and keep your fleet moving.


Keep up to date on all important information regarding your drivers, including Driver Qualification Files. Store all necessary documents and receive reminders when items are up for renewal. sureFleet also provides all of your DQF forms with pre-populated driver information.

Tire Tracking

Track tires as individual assets with sureFleet. Build custom tire positions for each vehicle and record exact tire location. The system will track lifetime mileage for a tire as well as mileage at each position. You can set maximum repair and maximum retread thresholds as well as generate repair work orders specifically for a tire.